Hunks & handsome guys desktop themes & wallpaper: male supermodels, handsome actors, and pop stars
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Hunky Guys Desktop Themes

Love Somebody Like you by Bonnie Buckley - Keith Urban sounds,my icons,cursors.enjoy

Chris Tucker by PAC - A desktop theme of the one and only Chris Tucker

Live Laugh Love (Clay Walker) by Trish - Live, Laugh, Love (Clay Walker) includes hotbar and logo screens. Be sure to download the matching screensaver, winamp skin, stationery, and puzzle from Trishs Theme Terrain. Enjoy

Vin Diesel- xXx by ~*~Mystic~*~ - Vin Diesel in his new role as Xander.. and those infamous sexy xXx tatoos Wallpaper you see in 2 sizes, and well.. its VIN

Eminem Theme by NiteRise - Eminem, Slim Shady, or Marshall Mathers III--it doesnt matter which name you call him. This is a tribute to the white rapper because i luv him and his music. includes: cursors, icons, an alt background. no sounds are included

Meet Joe Black by NiteRise - Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, and Claire Fontaine star in this movie about death and love. includes: sounds, icons, and cursors.

Justin Timberlake by Pete - I created this theme upon request. It has most of the features of a theme.

Vin Diesel vs.3 ~sweet by ~*~Mystic~*~ - Bring this sexy man into your computer.... this theme is complete with icons and pointers, and wall paper is 800x 600... This is my favorite and I hope you like it as much as I do!~ :)

Vin Diesel~1~Plum Passion by ~*~Mystic~*~ - Is this *THE* sexiest man to walk the earth or what? I know you love him so here ya go!~ You can borrow him from me and have him all to yourself!~Wallpaper 800x 600.

Kyle Lowder v2 by JoyCrazy - New Theme featuring the Young Hot Soap Hunk. Brady Victor Black from Days. Second Wallpaper included. Features sounds, icons, logos, webviews and tumis cursors.

The Hot Serious Look by The Hot Desktop - One of many of our male sensuous themes at The Hot

Brad Pitt by Kim Gregg -

5 Heartthrobs by Heather Edwardson - Dedicated to hotties Chris, Matt, Ben, Heath. and Brendan. Besides sounds and icons, includes images for use with photo screensaver. Logo images can be used with logo screen creator/manager programs like Logo Organizer.

It`s Raining Men by dmblnd - Leave the umbrella at home & get soaking wet! Includes a fun puzzle, Tom Cruise raining active & plain wallpaper plus the complete song by the Weather Girls. Original icons, cursors, logos. Easy install. Saver, stationery, ICQ, WinAmp, Hotbar available.

Splash Boy by Randy Craft - Heres a guy enjoying the cool water on the beach shore.has sounds,icons,cursors,nice wallpaper.

Relight My Fire by Randy Craft - These hunky firemen prove we all come in different shapes and sizes but still can be in great shape.Includes icons,cursors,sounds,and a fire saver.

Montage Of Men In Color by Randy Craft - This is a collage of brief men for you so theyre all over your desktop.Has cool colors,cursors,icons,and sounds.

Muscle Tiger by Randy Craft - This guy is all layed out in tiger stripes and ready to decorate your desktop.Has sounds,icons,cursors,cool colors.Enjoy

Please Arrest Me by Randy Craft - Wouldnt you just love to be arrested by this hot cop?Try to see if you can.Has icons,cursors,and sounds.

Macho Man In The Sand by Randy Craft - Her\s a hunky guy whos had a great time at the beach and the sand on him to prove it.Has sounds,icons,cursors.Let\s hit the beach.

The Float Guy by Randy Craft - Yet another hot guy relaxing in the pool.Wonder why all the spots dont have guys like this.Has icons,sounds,and cursors,cool color scheme.

Muscle Beach Stud by Randy Craft - Heres a hot muscular stud laying back on the beach posing just for you in purple.Has icons,sounds,and cursors.Here\s looking at ya.

Lifeguard Framed by Randy Craft - This looks like a framable pic of a lifeguard,but then again dont we all wish we had one like this at our pool or at the beach?Includes sounds,icons,and cursors.

Brief Encounters XI-Beach Relaxer by Randy Craft - This hot hunk has called it a day and is relaxing out of the sun.Has icons,sounds,metallic cursors.Enjoy this one.

The Water is Fine by Randy Craft - Makes you want to dive right in on a hot day,this guy sure did and looks like he enjoyed it very much,wouldnt we all ? Includes sounds,icons,cursors.

A Single Guys Workout by Randy Craft - A single guy works out this way?Havent we all at some point and time.Hassounds,icons,cursors,color scheme.Great motivator,get going ;-)

Brief Encounters X-A Hottie At 40 by Randy Craft - Who says you cant look good and be in shape when you turn 40.This guy just has and looks fine.Included are cursors,icons,and sounds.

In the Eye of the Beholder by Randy Craft - One plain,the other handsome,a quite common reaction to some these days.This theme has icons,sounds,pointers,vivid wallpaper.

Summer Relaxation by Randy Craft - This guy knows how to beat the heat and relax,in an old fashioned floater,so dive in and kick back.Has sounds,icons,cursors.

Brief Encounters IX-Masculinity Defined by Randy Craft - This guy is masculinity personified,if only all men could look this great.Has sky blue backdrop,blue colors,cursors,cool sounds.Have fun. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Hardware Man by Randy Craft - The hardware man will fix you right up whatever the problem just let him know.Has icons,sounds, cursors.

Very Patriotic-All American Male by Randy Craft - This guy shows that it can be something entirely different for the 4th of July this year to decorate your desktop.Includes 4th cursors,sounds,red white and blue color scheme.

Brief EncountersVIII-Navy Blue by Randy Craft - This theme has the nice color of navy blue all in it featuring a guy in this color.Has everything blue-color scheme,icons,cursors.

Summertime Poser by Randy Craft - Just a hunky guy posing for your desktop.Has icons,sounds,pointers,complimentary color scheme.

Jockey Docs by Randy Craft - This is a theme of the classic ad that features doctors from the LA area posing in a Jockey ad a few years back.Fun wallpaper,icons,sounds,quick call 911 ;-)

Shadesboy by Randy Craft - Just relaxing by the pool,this guy is cool personified.Has a nice mint green side color.Includes sounds,icons,etc.Have fun.

Youre Under Arrest by Randy Craft - No one dare touch your PC with this cool cop watching over it,not bad on the eyes either.Includes cop cursors,cool sounds,etc.Name and badge please ;-)

All American Hotties by Randy Craft - These three hotties are really enjoying the poolside,and they\re American hunks too.Includes sounds,icons,cool wallpaper.Enjoy.

Brief Encounters VI-Ride\em Cowboy by Randy Craft - This theme features the hunky actor Steve Kelso,all decked out as a cowboy-woo hoo.Includes a red color scheme,icons,red pointers,sounds.

Beach Heaven Looking Good by Randy Craft - This manly man is looking quite peaceful on a beautiful beachline.Wonder if he\s looking for company?Colorful wallpaper,schem,icons,cool sounds.

Brief Encounters V-All Wet For Summer by Randy Craft - This guy is really ready for the hot days ahead,he just has been wet down.A cool splash of water on a hot day for your desktop.Includes icons,sounds,color scheme.

Bearhugs-Have You Hugged Your Man Today by Randy Craft - This is a cool wallpaper depicting the need to hug your guy and how good it is.Includes icons,sounds,fonts,cool theme.Hug away ;-)

Brief Encounters IV- Men In Black by Randy Craft - This is another installment in my brief encounters collection,this time it\s hunks in black.Includes cool sounds,icons,color scheme.Enjoy all summer.

Left Right Middle Guys For the Night by Randy Craft - Yet another trio of hunky guys,two in color,middle in black and white.Has icons,cursors,fonts,various sound files as well.Have fun,cool to have on the desktop at night ;-)

Summer Aussie Hotties by Randy Craft - You now have these eight Aussie hunks in red ready to delight your desktop.Includes cool color scheme,icons,sounds.Let your monitor have some neat fun ;-)

Brief Encounters IV-Summertime Hottie by Randy Craft - Heres a summertime hottie to decorate your desktop.Done up in a red color scheme,includes wav sounds,icons,cursors.Hope you enjoy ;-)

Brief Encounters III-Men In Whites by Randy Craft - Another installment in this series.This time in white,four guys are strolling the beach and keeping you company on your monitor.Includes icons,cool sounds,nice wallpaper.Enjoy ;-)

Summer Is Here Men On The Beach by Randy Craft - Summer is almost here and these guys are all ready.Taking the walk on the shore Im sure these guys have all the stares and now theyre yours for the hot summer ahead.Includes sounds,abstract icons,green color scheme.

Born In The USA (Male) by Marjie - Thanks to the cooperation of Mr Rodeo Guy, we now have a male version of Born In The USA. This theme features a lot of red white and blue, sexy guys, and sounds from the original song from Bruce Springsteen.

In Red & Black-Brief Encounters II by Randy Craft - This is a sequel to my brief encounters theme,this time with ten sexy hunks all decked out in red and black smiling on your desktop.Includes fonts,red and black colors,funny wav sounds.

Brief Encounters by Randy Craft - This is a theme I had fun putting together,yet it\s tastefully done.This theme gives the ladies some fun for a change,has cool fun wav\s,totally fun icons,and four hunks that give you all their attention;-).Have fun with this one.

golden_brad by Empress Themes - Brad Pitt in Golden Glory!!

Heath Ledger by margaret - A request for the actor. Includes original wallpaper, icons, webviews and logos.

Do Ya Think Im Sexy by dmblnd - George from Seinfeld is quite a hunk as he poses for you in boxers. Complete song by Rod Stewart included in zip. Original icons, ani-cursors, startup/shutdown screens. Easy install. Matching screen saver, stationery, ICQ, WinAmp, Hotbar skins available.

Heath Ledger ver2 by JoyCrazy - Includes sounds, icons, logos, and web view

Man by Julia - This theme includes icons, sounds, cursors, wallpaper, and 3 matching logo screens. The sounds for this theme are MPEG Layer-3. A matching hotbar is available at Julia's website.

Heath Ledger by JoyCrazy - Heath Ledger of \"10 Things I Hate About You\" and \"The Patriot\" Desktop Theme

Brad Pitt by JoyCrazy - Brad Pitt Desktop Theme including icons & logos. Screensaver available at my site.

Brad Pitt by margaret - A new theme of Brad. Comes with icons and logos.

Sharp Dressed Man by dmblnd - He is not dressed. He is not sharp. But he certainly is a man! The complete song by ZZ Top is included in the zip file. Original icons, cursors, startup and shutdown screens with easy install. Corresponding ICQ, WinAmp, Hotbar skins available.

Brad n Bubbles by Bunnawee - New Brad Pitt theme with sounds and pictures from his movies. Cursors,icons, splash screens, and a screensaver included.

Ricky Martin Theme by - Sexy guy, Ricky Martin theme with his song clips. []

Ricky Martin by Betul Gokcen - This great theme includes 1 background with various pictures of Ricky, custom icons and loading/shutting down windows and error sound files. Enjoy!

Ewan McGregor by Nicollette - Ewan McGregor theme that includes sounds from various movies including Episode 1. Picture does not fill full screen; please adjust it accordingly.

Ewan McGregor Themes by - 3 themes of Ewan McGregor with Windows start up logos.

Keanu Reeves Themes by - 3 themes of Keanu Reeves with Windows start up logos.

romance with you by Jenn - hunk of a man sitting in the street

Ioan Gruffudd by Ciara Randor - Original theme focused on the handsome young Welsh actor 'Ioan Gruffudd'.

Jean Claude Van Damme by Daniel Sandler - Theme of Belgiums action hero Jean Claude Van Damme with wallpaper, icons, cursors, videocursor, Van Damme waves and startup screens

Ryan Phillippe Theme by Jason Pola - This theme contains icons, sounds, and a wallpaper about the talented young actor Ryan Phillippe and the movies he has appeared in.

Brad Pitt Theme by Corabur 2000 - Desktop theme of a great actor Brad Pitt containing 2 separate themes, icons, cursors, videocursor, various sounds

More will be posted soon.
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