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  • Star Trek Screen Savers

    Enterprise by Patti Olsen - Screen Saver to match my Enterprise theme.

    Adorable Atari Games Screensaver by Dharav Solanki - This is a slideshow based screensaver that features the box scans of various Atari Games as the slideshow images, complemented with good music and transitions.

    Star Trek Screen Saver by Desktop Themes Database - Download Also Star Trek Desktop Theme Includes Screen Saver Sounds Cursors Icons Windows Media Player Skin Windows XP Visual Style Windows XP Visual Style Support

    Dr. Leonard Bones McCoy ScrSaver Setup by Mitchell L. Buchwalter - Star Treks favorite doctor makes a home visit to your desktop with 48 images to the classical music of Beethovens 5th Symphony. This is a self-installing file.

    Star Trek by dmblnd - A stunning portrait of the five famous Captains. Easy install. Plays the complete song from the original series. The matching animated saver to my desktop theme. Stationery, ICQ, WinAmp and Hotbar skins available.

    Star Trek 3D Starships Screensaver by Rob Bennett - This amazing 3D screensaver displays starships from Star Trek warping around the quadrant in 3D! Includes the ships Enterprise NX-01, Enterprise NCC-1701A and Enterprise NCC-1701D

    ENTnx01 Bridge Scrsaver by Mitchell L. Buchwalter - Screensaver NX01 Enterprise theme with twenty-one beautiful images, accompanied by the beginning theme music from the Enterprise theme (long version)and sound wavs. Easy install, Self-Installing exe file.

    Star Trek Nemesis by T & P SC - A Generations Final Journey Begins in the continuing series the Star Treks Next Generation 121303. Wallpaper size images in this unique program has a preview function. No installation required and you can control the screen effects and timing of each image. Free!

    Star Trek Nemesis by Terry A. Miller - 43 pictures and wallpapers from the movie plus sounds from the trailers.

    Starfleet Database by Ozq - 84 various images from Star Trek in a Lcars viewscreen look. Including 24 ships 40 characters from all 4 Star Treks. Enjoy

    Star Trek Nemesis by LaGiraffa - Flash animation enhances this view of the newest Star Trek movies with all our TNG favorites. Desktop theme also available.

    Dogfight by Remco de Korte - DogFight is a screensaver with 3D rendered graphics. The Enterprise takes on a Bird of Prey in a desktop dogfight. v2.3 has new rerendered graphics for smoother animation. v3.0 new features: sound, speed, damage, explosions and new graphics.

    Voyage To The Terrain System by Veronica Robinson - The USS Enterprise visits home. There is a matching theme, hot bar, winamp and icq skin.

    Star Trek Sick Bay by Terry A. Miller - Base on the Star Trek doctors....

    Star Trek the motion picture saver by handysolo - star trek the motion picture screensaver

    ncc1701A and Trek Crew by MistODark - This saver IS included in my Star Trek desktop theme, but decided to offer it here as a separate file. Transparent saver with the Enterprise, & the Crew, and the Federation logos gliding across your desktop. Original series music MP3. MOD

    Star Trek Boldly Go by Terry A. Miller - This is my tribute to Star Trek. Checkout my Plus!and Connectix Desktop Designer themes.

    Star Trek 3D Cube by Gills Desktops Enhancements - Images from the Original series, TNG and Voyager in a rotating 3D cube with alternating backdrops and date display. Music from TNG series.

    Trekfrontier Screen Saver by Roberto Ventura - A Star Trek Lcars Screen Saver

    All Star Trek Screensaver by Ozq - New! 65 various images of the crew and ships from all four series of Star Trek (and movies) appearing on a black background on your monitor. In plain easy to use .scr format in a .zip file.

    The Ships Of Star Trek by The Screen Saver Man - There are many ships in the world of Star Trek. This is the third of my Star Trek screensaver series. Its all about the starships. It comes with a bonus zip file cotaining wallpaper and ship plans. Another Quality Screen Saver Man Production.

    Star Trek Deep Space Nine by The Screen Saver Man - The second in the Star Trek Screensaver Series. This is a look at Deep Space Nine over the years. With well over 100 images and plans, a rocking soundtrack version of the theme, this is one to get. Aonther Quality Production From The Screen Saver Man

    Star Trek Voyagers 7 Of 9 by The Screen Saver Man - The first in the Star Trek Series. 7 Of 9. This screensaver has 80 quality images and lots of Seven speak.Another Quality Production From The Screen Saver Man

    Star Trek Trill 2000 Screen Saver by Brian - The matching Screen Saver for the Star Trek: Trill2000 Desktop Theme. Includes the DS9 opening theme in WAV format. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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