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Help with Screensavers

How To Install Screen Savers

  • Download the screen saver of your choice.
  • If there is a "readme" file included with it - follow the instructions.
  • Files may come in three flavours: with "zip" extension (compressed file), "exe" (executable - ready to be installed), and "scr" (a screensaver file)
  • For zip-files: you need to have a zip utility such as Winzip to unzip compressed files - most of the screen savers are "zipped" to cut down on download size. WinZip allows people to compress files so it doesn't take too much time to download the files. Compressed files will have extension '.zip' at the end of the file name, i.e. startrektheme.zip
    You will need WinZip to 'unzip' (uncompress) the compressed file. You may find it  here . It is free for personal use.
    It's not really up to us to decide what files are zipped on not. The authors that submit desktop ennhancements to our site decide whether to compress their files or not.
  • Open up the zip file you just downloaded: file would have to have .zip extension. If it has .exe extension, it means it is not compressed and is ready to be setup.
  • Unzip the files into the C:\Windows directory. You are done.
  • Open your desktop properties program, select the screen saver, modify settings if you wish, and click on Apply.

  • With the exe-files it is really easy - just click or double-click on it and it will self-install.
  • With scr-files - save it in the C:\WINDOWS directory.
  • Then, go to the Windows Screensaver control panel to acitvate your screensaver: Start button --> Settings --> Contol Panel --->
    --> Display ---> In Display Properties click on 'Screen Saver' tab --> Choose your screensaver from a list of available screensavers saved on your computer Hard Drive.
  • You may modify settings of chosen screensaver, if you wish, and click 'Apply'.

  •  Question: Ok, so here I have this screensaver from your site. I installed it, but now I want to delete it/change to another screensaver. How?
    It all depends on a particular saver. Some authours include undelete option, some don't.
    Check the desktop Programs links: Start button --> Programs --> see if the screensaver is listed in Programs there and if there is an Undelete option.
    Next, you may try, Start button -> Settings--> Add/remove software --> see if your screensaver is listed on the list of installed software and delete it this way.
    Another option is to simply change default screensaver. Go to Start button --> Settings --> Contol Panel --->
    --> Display ---> In Display Properties click on 'Screen Saver' tab --> Pick another screensaver from the list on the right.
    Finally, you may just go to either C:/windows or C:/windows/system and find the exe file for the saver you are fed up with, if you feel confident with hands on windows management. Usually, the name of the screen saver is the same as the name of the exe file, but I'd back up any files you delete form this sensitive directory until you are sure that you got the one you wanted. If you got it right, the name of the saver will disappear from the saver list in Monitor->Screensavers settings

     Question: I am still having trouble with the installation: the file either 'refuses' to install, or doesn't really work the way it should. It just doesn't work.
    There are two things you can do.
    First, repeat the download one more time. It so happens, that occasionally the file gets 'corrupted' on its way to you and this prevents installation.
    Secondly, if you are sure the download went without a hitch contact the person who created the file you are trying to install. Contact info is available on all preview pages for ALL files that we offer. Just return to the page where you downloaded the file and will find all the contact info there. If you don't know the where this page is, try searching our site for this screensaver from  Front Page
    The author will have a MUCH better answer to any issues related to specific screensavers/themes/skins.

    Please note, we have not checked out all these packages and they remain the property of their respective owners. We cannot act as a broker between you and the owners of these programs).

    Still need help?   Contact us and we will try to help.

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