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Installation Help

Essentially, there are two varieties of downloaded files: self-installing files (filename.exe) and zip-compressed files (filename.zip).

To install self-installing files, just click or doulbe-click on the downloaded file and it will run the installation for you.

To install zip file, you would first need to unzip it with WinZip.

WinZip allows people to compress files so it doesn't take too much time to download the files. Compressed files will have extension '.zip' at the end of the file name, i.e. startrektheme.zip
You will need WinZip to 'unzip' (uncompress) the compressed file. You may find it  here . It is free for personal use.
It's not really up to us to decide what files are zipped on not. The authors that submit desktop ennhancements to our site decide whether to compress their files or not.

 Question: Ok, so here I have this screensaver/wallpaper/desktop theme/skin from your site. Do you have help-info on each individual kind of software?
Yes we do. Go to the individiual help topics for screensavers, desktop themes, skins, wallpaper accessable from main  Help Menu

 Question: I am still having trouble with the installation - it just doesn't work?
There are two things you can do.
First, repeat the download one more time. It so happens, that occasionally the file gets 'corrupted' on its way to you and this prevents installation.
Secondly, if you are sure the download went without a hitch contact the person who created the file you are trying to install. Contact info is available on all preview pages for ALL files that we offer. Just return to the page where you downloaded the file and will find all the contact info there. If you don't know the where this page is, try searching our site for this screensaver/desktop theme/skin from  Front Page
The author will have a MUCH better answer to any issues related to specific screensavers/themes/skins.

Still need help?   Contact us and we will try to help.

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