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Download Help

1.  Question:  "I found this screensaver/desktop theme/skin that I really like, but I can not download it. The error message says "Forbidden with this server/File not available/etc". What do I need to do?"
bookmark this page and try downloading it later during the day. We have a very busy site, so occasionally it gets very congested and server cannot accomodate all requests to download. If there are too many people accessing the same page, you may get an error message. The best way is to come back later same or the next day to the bookmarked files.
If you still can't get the download started, contact us and let us know the URL (address) of the file as well the time and day when you attempted the download. We will investigate it promptly.

2.  Question: how and in what folder do I download your files?
Clicking on the download preview image or link will bring up the dialogue window - Save As ... - that prompts you to specify the place (i.e. folder) on your hardrive where you would like to save the file.
We recommend C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP directory since you will then see the downloaded file right away on your Desktop and proceed to installation.

3.  Question: What about saving wallpapers?
visit  wallpaper help section  for all the answers. In short - saving a wallpaper is a VERY easy.

4.  Question: What is WinZip and can I really avoid using it?
WinZip allows people to compress files so it doesn't take too much time to download the files. Compressed files will have extension '.zip' at the end of the file name, i.e. startrektheme.zip
You will need WinZip to 'unzip' (uncompress) the compressed file. You may find it  here . It is free for personal use.
It's not really up to us to decide what files are zipped on not. The authors that submit desktop ennhancements to our site decide whether to compress their files or not.

5.  Question: How do I install downloaded files?
go the individiual help topics for screensavers, desktop themes, skins, wallpaper at main    Help Menu

Still need help?   Contact us and we will try to help.

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