Free National Dog Day computer desktop wallpapers, pictures, images
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"National Dog Day" free computer desktop wallpaper

Free National Dog Day, computer desktop wallpapers, pictures, images

Free desktop wallpaper of National Dog Day.

Free computer desktop wallpaper by
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Free wallpaper - Enjoy!

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In Honor of Manís Best Friend

Dogs have always been and will always be manís best friend. Itís for this reason that thereís a special day dedicated to these friendly and loyal canine creatures and itís called National Dog Day, celebrated every 26th of August. National Dog Day was created for two purposes. The first objective is to give tribute to dog and the other one is to rescue dogs from abuse and homelessness. Itís the perfect time for people to recognize the importance of dogs in peopleís lives.

Is there any pet more loyal than dogs? We donít think so. This holiday gives us the perfect opportunity to thank our dogs for their unconditional love, fun companionship and never-ending loyalty. Dogs help us in more ways than we can imagine. Apart from being watchdogs and ensuring our safety, they also tone down stress levels and lengthen peopleís lives. Yes, you heard it right. Studies reveal that most dog pet owners have longer lives compared to those who donít. Not only that, dogs also aid in search and rescue, help lead the blind and seek out drugs and bombs, among many others.

This day is also intended for rescuing dogs that are in need. Sometimes, dogs donít have any place to live. Sometimes, dogs become victims of abuse. Not only on this day but every day should we make an effort to rescue these creatures. Thereís a National Dog Day foundation which rescues 10,000 dogs every year. Volunteering for this organization will surely help a lot.

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